Basic Training...With Mom!

ISBN 9780463571101
Vydavatel Boruma Publishing
Rok 2019
Kategorie Moderní klasika
Autor Alana Church
Jazyky Anglický

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Joe left for the army when he was eighteen, determined to find a better life. But when he comes back from basic, he's determined to lose his virginity. And when his mother Lois finds out what her son has planned, she decides she will be the only woman for him. It's "Basic Training...With Mom!" ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Hello? Can I help you?” The woman turned to her. “Yes.” She was Latina, with a face that was too strong-featured to be precisely considered beautiful, but with an erect carriage and bountiful curves. “Can you tell me where twelve thirty-eight Bakewell is?” She pointed, aggravated again that the landlady had never put new numbers on the front of the house. “Right there. I’m going there, too.” “Oh.” The woman looked at her. “I didn’t know this was going to be a doubles session.” She extended her hand. “I’m Consuela.” She took it automatically. “Lois.” She blinked. A doubles session? “So do you know the guy?” Consuela eyed her, lingering on her uniform. “Is this going to be a roleplay? I wish someone would have told me. Josephine is usually pretty good about warning me about that sort of thing.” “I’m sorry. What?” “Oh, honey? Is this your first time?” Consuela’s eyes were sympathetic. “Don’t worry. Josephine screens everyone really well. So what are you supposed to be? Secretary? Teacher?” “No.” She was beginning to understand what was going on, and started to panic. “I’m his mother.” “His mother? I like it. So what’s the roleplay? Do you find us screwing, then get jealous?” “No. No!” she said waving her arms. “Stop. I’m his mother. Really his mother.” Consuela shrugged, though her eyes widened slightly. “I’m not judging you. Though I usually charge double if I’m going to be trying to get both of you off.” She dug her hands into her scalp, tempted to scream. “Listen,” she said. “Can we get in my car and talk?” A wicked smile drifted over the Latina woman’s lips. “Sure, honey.” She set her hand on her chest, just above her breasts. “Whatever you want.” ~~~~~ “All right,” Lois said a few minutes later. “You’re a…a…a…” “An escort,” Consuela said easily. “A prostitute. A hooker.” “And you’re here to see my son? Joe?” “Yep.” She took a deep breath. “Well, there isn’t going to be a three-way. Or roleplay. Or anything else like that.” “Oh. Crap. That’s disappointing. Because let me tell you something, girl. You are fine.” She grinned. “And so is your boy.” “What?” “I was really looking forward to it, to be honest,” Consuela chattered on. “Sure you don’t want to invite me in?” “Um…no. I’m not a lesbian. Not bisexual, either.” “The world isn’t fair,” the dark-skinned woman sighed. “You get to screw him, and I don’t.” “I’m not screwing my son!” “Why not?” Consuela said. “You want to.” “No, I don’t! Why would you even think something like that?” “Honey.” She shook her head pityingly. “Don’t you think I know what a horny woman looks like?”