Albert Schweitzer

ISBN 9783374061051
Herausgeber Evangelische Verlagsanstalt
Jahr 2019
Seitenanzahl 368
Kategorien Christentum
Autor Matthieu Arnold
Übersetzung Gerhard Philipp Wolf
Sprachen Deutsch

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[Albert Schweitzer. His years in Alsace (1875–1913)] For the first time, relying on previously unused documents (sermons and lectures) and indeed previously unpublished sources (letters) in German and French, Matthieu Arnold gives a deep and detailed account of the life - mainly spent in Alsace - of Albert Schweitzer before his departure for Africa (1875-1913): his childhood in Günsbach, his education in music, philosophy and theology, his promising beginnings in the University of Strasbourg and his courageous sermons against nationalism and colonialism. This work examines in detail his decision to leave for Africa: the agonised series of events which led him to make this choice, the unreserved support given by Helene Bresslau, his lengthy medical studies, and his tortuous negotiations with the Société des Missions in Paris, all in the context of Franco-German tensions.