Happy Note

ISBN 978-5-906957-70-2
Publisher International Union of writers
Year 2017
Rightsholder Интернациональный Союз Писателей
Source of rights ООО «ЛитРес»
Categories Poetry, Foreign Language Study
By Валентина Молодовская
Languages English
Age requirements 16+

1.40 USD

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In the book of poems of the well-known Ural poetess V. Molodovskaya, the poet’s book contains her poems about love: deep and real feelings that stand the test of life’s trials and time. A love note is required in the chord of human happiness. Without it, the music of life is dry! The author writes about love, for am sure that this topic is relevant at all times. It is like a vaccination against cynicism and devaluation of feelings in our overly rationalistic age. The book is intended for a wide range of readers.