Explosive PR. Full Practice Guide in Capture of the World with Invention of the News, Ideas, and Senses

ISBN 9785449012555
Rightsholder Издательские решения
Source of rights ООО «Издательские Технологии»
Categories Science and Education Literature, Engineering Sciences, Computers and Internet, Business
By Roman Maslennikov, Igor Szucs
Languages English
Age requirements 18+

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Explosive PR Book Helps Businesses To Attain Clients Using Mass Media. Shocking Secrets of Outrageous PR Stunts to Get Clients Roman Maslennikov, Russian PR guru, entrepreneur and philosopher, has 15 years’ work experience and is offering you the freshest, newest, most outrageous PR stunts. Igor Szucs, Business trend analyst, Semantic field producer. An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future.