ISBN 9781770089846
Publisher Awareness Publishing
Year 2018
Number of pages 42
Categories Children’s Fiction
By Jacqui Shepherd
Languages English

12.99 USD

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Un-hap-puppy is a beautifully illustrated story book with a very important life lesson: It is is about a puppy who is always unhappy. It shows the importance of looking for the good in things. In this book 'unhappy' and 'puppy' have been put together to make a fun word 'un-hap-puppy' – a puppy that is unhappy. The story is set on a farm.Theo is a puppy, but he is not happy like the other puppies. He does not like going to sleep and he does not like waking up. He does not like going for walks and he does not like sitting still. Theo always finds something to complain about. The other puppies play and chase each other, but Theo is too busy being unhappy to join them. One day some children come to see the puppies. All the dogs wag their tails and jump up with excitement, but not Theo. He does not move at all. So the children play with all the puppies except Theo.Theo's mother explains to him that nobody wants to be around someone who is unhappy all the time. It is no fun and makes them unhappy too. Theo says he cannot help the way he feels, but his mother disagrees. She tells Theo that he can decide if he is going to let something make him angry or not. Theo goes out to play with the other puppies. He copies what they do and chooses to see the good. The more he does this, the easier it becomes – and he starts to feel happy!Theo realizes that his mother is right: Everybody feels angry sometimes, as long as you do not stay angry and you remember to look for the good in things. Un-hap-puppy is part of the exciting Farm-tastic series. This is a set of 10 story books for children, with farm animal characters. Word play is used to bring an additional element of fun to the books. Each story highlights a valuable lesson, such as the importance of hope, that we all have a purpose, and the power of an imagination. The beautifully illustrated stories will entertain children and encourage them to adopt values and attitudes that will help them in their daily lives.Follow our Facebook page for the latest news and updates on this and other series.