Blockchain Trends 2018

ISBN 9781387415106
Year 2017
Categories Business Literature
By Igor Szucs
Languages English

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Even though not many people believe that something serious can come out of the invention of the Bitcoin, the so-called digital gold, today this currency that triggered the creation of blockchain technology, is worth $9 billion. But, apart from digital currency, many players of the tech community discovered that this particular type of technology can have a wider range of uses. So, when it comes to predictions concerning blockchain trends, they started since 2011 and the coming 2018 year is another one that will bring new chapters to this story. What can we expect? Pushed from behind by the incredible increase in the value of the Bitcoin, many people see the blockchain as a way with a high potential in achieving great new things. Thus, let us see what 2018 may bring in this particular sector.