The Abysmal Brute

ISBN 9788892529656
Publisher Jack London
Year 2015
Categories Anthologies
By Jack London
Languages English

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The Abysmal Brute by Jack London. Fictional story of professional boxing.Before anyone knew there was such a thing, Jack London gave us the natural: Young Pat Glendon has never drunk alcohol nor tasted tobacco. He loves nature, is afraid of cities, and is shy of women. And he is a perfect fighter. Summoned from the city to consider such a prospect, cynical Sam Stubener, manager of prize-fighters, is struck by the boy's extraordinary athletic grace--and soon man and boy are off to San Francisco to take on the heavyweight world.Story of natural grace pitted against worldly brutishness. A subtle social drama played out in the arena of sport--in a day long before sport moved to the center of American culture--it is also a rousing romantic tale in the tradition of one of our great storytellers. As Pat hones his skill, on one champion fighter after another, he contends for the heart of a lovely admirer and for the soul of professional boxing, whose rampant corruption his blows expose.