Young, Queer, and Dead

ISBN 9781629177601
Publisher Minute Help, Inc.
Year 2019
Number of pages 84
Categories Transport & Machinery
By Reagan Martin
Languages English

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The Zodiac Killer may have been San Francisco's most notorious serial killer, but another equally cruel killer was also stalking the streets at the same time, and, just like the Zodiac Killer, has never been arrested for his crimes. The difference is, while the Zodiac Killer's murder spree was heavily publicized, this other killer, nicknamed The Doodler, went unreported by the media and is nearly unknown today.How did this ruthless killer become almost forgotten? Because he didn't target helpless women or children--he targeted gays--and in the 70s many people believed they had it coming; if they would just stop being gay, then all would be well. In this gripping short book, you will go on the trail for one of the most brutal killers who ever lived.Read about why his victims were disregarded by a homophobic press, and how he was positively identified by three escaped victims...only to walk away free without being arrested.