Mission: Imponderable

Mission: Imponderable

ISBN 9780244489113
Publisher Lulu.com
Year 2019
Categories Comic Fiction, Satire, Mainstream, Cabaret
By Darren Bane
Languages English

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How does a snowplough driver get to work on the morning of a blizzard? How does the non-sick coating stick to the bottom of frying pans? In 1982, the author heard an imponderable question for the first time, and made it his mission to compile, collect and create as many as he could ever since. This comprehensive collection of nearly 1,500 such 'imponderables' is the result. Great for insomniacs, as it gives you some bite-size no-brainers to ponder over on those long, sleepless nights. And for those who have no trouble finding the land of nod, there's sure to be something in here which will cause you sleepless nights too, so you can keep all the insomniacs company. Hopefully there will be something here to make you grin - or grimace - at least once and, if so, then the author, for one, will sleep soundly in the knowledge of a mission accomplished.