Family Lust

ISBN 9788834139950
Publisher Lot's Cave, Inc.
Year 2019
Categories Contemporary Classic
By Playboy
Languages English

6.99 USD

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DESCRIPTION: This full length novel includes a variety of kinky and exciting kinks to satisfy your most sinful, secret, and hidden desires. It includes explicit content for both women and men. Can you possibly last through them all? What would it be worth to you to have 24 hours to do whatever you want with your mother or another family member, with no repercussions? EXCERPT: Even if she would have preferred sitting beside him and nursing on his thick, teenage cock rather than driving herself. Alice compromised by keeping her eyes on the road, one hand on the wheel, and the other caressing her son's massive hard-on through his swim trunks. His hot, hard, young prick jumped and throbbed beneath her palm as she ran her hand up and down its considerable length. Tom shifted in his seat, going mad with desire. His breath came in quick, sharp gasps, and he thrust his hips up into his mother's hand, urging her movements. Alice chuckled low in her throat, pulled the car into her driveway, and released her son. Tom groaned. "C'mon Mom, finish me off," he whined. "Not in the driveway," Alice said. "Besides, Mommy needs your mouth between her legs." She was boiling hot, thinking of what might be happening just down the road between Christina and her young hunk of a son. Alice hopped out of the car and hurried on shaky legs into the house. Tom followed awkwardly after her, adjusting his thick member in order to walk with anything approaching speed. As soon as she was through the front door, Alice whipped off her towel and threw it aside. Her bikini bottoms whisked down her long golden legs with similar speed. She turned around and stepped back as Tom shut the door behind him. With a sexy, sultry smile Alice settled back onto the third step of the second floor staircase and spread her legs. "Come kiss your mother," Alice said, beckoning Tom with a curled finger.