Secret Lust With Mom

ISBN 9788834139875
Publisher Lot's Cave, Inc.
Year 2019
Categories Contemporary Classic
By Playboy
Languages English

6.99 USD

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DESCRIPTION: Enjoy the MOM SON incest in this delicious Erotica Tale by PLAYBOY! From start to finish, each sensual chapter of love and lust will arouse you starting right now! This is the story of a young son who dares to try the unknown. How can he make his mom accept his sexual advances? Do all moms’ always wait for a son to make the first move? Pleasurable! Would you make it with your sister if she wanted it? EXCERPT: When Max pushed open the door and walked in, Mini was sitting on the toilet with a Playboy magazine that he had squirreled away in the back recess of the closet as his masturbation stash. He had his morning woody in his hand stroking it from end to end. He said, "Well, I guess I didn't hide that real well did I." Mini looked up and spotted his cock standing out in front of him. Max was intentionally teasing her with it as he wagged it around in her face. Mini was awfully tempted but she wasn't going to be baited. She looked back down at the magazine and said, "You don't have much time before we have to leave an hour earlier than normal for your 'detention'. She put double air-quotes on the word detention. Max noted the sarcasm and wondered what Mini knew. He didn't say anything more. She finished up and shoved the Playboy back in the closet where she had found it. She came up behind Max and reached around his waist and wrapped both hands around his cock and squeezed and then released it. She said, "I don't know why you look at that magazine. Mom and I have just as good bodies as them and we're real and right here and available for more than masturbation material." Max laughed and replied, "That magazine was put in there long before we started doing what we are doing now. I'd totally forgotten it was there. You're right though. You and Mom and even Nadia is every bit as beautiful and sexy as anyone in Playboy. Maybe you and Mom should offer to pose for them together. That would be a first. Mother and daughter. Wow."