Creative Rebel

ISBN 9780648488453
Publisher Meredith Griesbach
Year 2019
Number of pages 194
Categories Personal Growth, Self-Help, Happiness
By Meri Griesbach
Languages English

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The time is now for you to rediscover your power! Where is your inner hero hiding?  When will you give yourself permission to break free?  What needs to happen to find your allies and champions?  The truth of who you are is the key to FREEDOM  In this book you will find: 1. Ways to understand your own self destructive behaviours  2. Strategies to better relationships with yourself and your network  3. Deepen your self love and forgiveness  4. Answers to what Art Therapy is and what it is NOT 5. Tips for finding the right Therapist for you Follow Meri on her Hero’s journey, gain understanding on how adversity can drive our growth and find out how you can see your own hero’s journey and use it as a super power into your future.