The Emotional Elevator and Taking Ownership

ISBN 9781504318174
Publisher Balboa Press AU
Year 2019
Number of pages 86
Categories Personal Growth, Self-Help, Happiness
By Stuart A. Hunter
Languages English

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Have you ever wondered why when you have an argument, you bring up every past argument, and it is as fresh as it was the day you had it? Then read this book. Taking ownership will help resolve and dissolve situations to help lead a more peaceful and fulfilled life. Experiencing a major setback a few years ago, Stuart discovered that life doesn’t always go as planned. As he was temporarily unable to change his course at the time, he in turn headed for the road of self-destruction and isolation. Forced to take a really good, hard look at himself, he slowly reconstructed from the ground up. Stuart poured himself into reading and learning many a different way to overcome the hurdles put before him. He discovered that part of who he is and who he was meant to be was to help others feel good about themselves - even if that meant cracking a corny dad joke to get a smile. Stuart studies life, philosophy, martial arts, and is on a quest to have a better experience and quality of living. Ultimately, his ideal goal in life is to have the world a more harmonious place than where it stands currently. Through Stuart’s lived experience and what he has learned during his journey up until this point has been penned in this book with the hope of helping you understand your own emotional elevator.