Kindred Spirits

ISBN 9781728313870
Publisher AuthorHouse
Year 2019
Number of pages 316
Categories Personal Growth, Self-Help, Happiness
By C.L. Williams
Languages English

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Tolerated by his mob family only because he married into it, Nicholi Scalosi finds himself embattled against everything good as he tries to take control and build an empire of kindred spirits loyal to himself. But as love, truth, honesty, and integrity spring up in the lives of his unwitting family members and close friends, his world begins to unravel, causing the monster within him to rear its ugly head, and him to lose everyone he thought he owned. As he transforms, the lives of those who love him expand beyond his reach, allowing them to find kindred spirits of their own to be loyal to, and Nicholi discovers a side of himself that even he didn’t know was there.