Speak Right On

Speak Right On

ISBN 9780996254120
Publisher MediaNeighbours.com
Year 2015
Number of pages 340
Categories Memoir, Biography
By Mary E. Neighbour
Foreword by Lynne M. Jackson
Languages English

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Though declared a piece of property by the US Supreme Court, Dred Scott insisted on telling his own story, on speaking freely. That was his freedom, and he didn’t require a court to help him find it.  Speak Right On explores the story of Dred Scott and the history of slavery that has changed our cultural landscape. From the eastern coast of Virginia to the farthest reaches of the US frontier, from house slave to the field hand to surgeon’s assistant, from boy to man, from young love to family life, from enslavement to freedom, this is an epic story of dignity and determination.  “He who does his best for his own time, lives for all times.” (Igbo proverb)