Aging with Grace

Aging with Grace

ISBN 9781623430467
Publisher Willow Creek Press, Inc.
Year 2014
Number of pages 96
Categories Comic Fiction, Satire, Mainstream, Cabaret
By Mary McHugh
Languages English

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This book is for all women who find their fifties closing in on them.It’s an attempt to prepare you for the signs of aging before they catch you by surprise.Little things like a noticeable stomach that used to be flat.Or only being able to text with your reading glasses on.Or where did all those lines around your mouth come from all of a sudden?Mary McHugh, best-sellng author of If I Get Hit by a Bus Tomorrow, Here’s How to Replace the Toilet Paper Roll, has written this book to help all of you baby boomers out there slide through your fifties, sail through your sixties, triumph over your seventies, and enjoy your eighties.McHugh is having the time of her life, tap dancing, riding merry-go-rounds, and finding adventures every day.Her life is full, rich, abundant with possibilities and she want yours to be too.