Hollywood and Catholic Women

Hollywood and Catholic Women

ISBN 9781469782171
Publisher iUniverse
Year 2012
Number of pages 212
Categories Theatre, Cinema & Theater
By Kathryn Schleich
Languages English

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In this second edition of her exploration of Catholic women in film and television, author Kathryn Schleich presents an in-depth, feminist point of view while addressing important questions about the role of women in both the Church and Hollywood. Throughout Schleichs extensive research, she noticed that themes of fear, mistrust, and even hatred of women were prevalent. While examining such deeply ingrained attitudes, it soon became evident to Schleich that Catholic women still have a long way to go in Hollywood. As she carefully explores the sexual tension between Sister Benedict and Father OMalley in The Bells of St. Marys, the brutal murder of Theresa Dunn in Looking for Mr. Goodbar, and the stereotype shattering Grace Hanadarko of Saving Grace, Schleich offers an insightful portrayal of womens oppression within the Catholic Church and explores whether Catholic women are better off today. This study encourages contemplation of the place of Catholic women within the ever-changing spheres of cinema and television, ultimately encouraging movement toward the goal of achieving equal status for women in all realms of life.