Obsessed Fan

Obsessed Fan

ISBN 9781426975400
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Year 2011
Number of pages 480
Categories Contemporary Classic
By Jill A. Nolan
Languages English

9.99 USD

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Janie wanted everything, she wanted it all. Everything this life has to offer and moreBut most of all she wanted him. More than anything else in this world. The one thing she couldnt have, because he belonged to someone else. Cam Konner, talented rock star. Blonde, blue eyed hunk that Janie obsessed about. She'd follow him off the face of the earth, anywhere, just to get him to notice her. Thats all she wanted. She wanted to show him just how much he meant to her. She wanted to dance on stage for him. Her friends thought she was crazy. They told her it would kill her some day. She was out to prove them wrong.