The Horse Whip

ISBN 9781796046045
Publisher Xlibris US
Year 2019
Number of pages 86
Categories Contemporary Classic
By Awolumate Tolulope
Languages English

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The Horse Whip Betrothed to one but in love with another! Will love prevail? At birth, Temisan was betroth to a man who had been helping her parents in her welfare. At fifteen, she was in love. Biggs was flogged with a charmed horse whip; he became a vegetable and no orthodox medicine could cure him! What led his twin sister to lesbianism? DJ his baby sister believes that her brother must be responsible for her not finding love yet at nineteen because he always knew and provided what she wanted at all times. Temisan suffered for months taking care of her vegetable husband, but she still thanked God, for what will be must be! Bigg’s good deeds and philanthropic work brought him compassion and a cure. This saying that “whatever one sows, so shall he reap” stands. Let us read further to find out how God vindicates the just and reprimands the unjust.