Robika the Adventurous Hungarian

ISBN 9781984574046
Publisher Xlibris US
Year 2019
Number of pages 590
Categories Memoir, Biography
By Louise Andrea Dube
Languages English

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This biographical story is written in the first person about a boy named Robika who becomes a child opera star in Budapest, Hungary, in 1938. Robika is a commoner and has a secret love affair with Gabriella, a ballerina and the daughter of an aristocrat. Their relationship is forbidden, but in spite of it, their affair becomes steamy. Four years later, Gabriella and her family move to Sweden to avoid Hitler’s approaching army. As the German Army closes in, Robika is forced out of the opera and is drafted unarmed into the Hungarian Army. Feeling vulnerable, he volunteers to cook for a troop that digs ditches to slow down the oncoming Russians. Fortunately, his ten years of Boy Scout training comes in handy. He is caught in a cross fire between the Germans and the Russians but manages to escape on numerous occasions. Thousands flee for Austria, but Robika and his buddies maneuver their way home. As World War II continues, he is called once more to serve in active duty. Being armed this time, he goes through several life-threatening ordeals but always manages to escape. He is captured by the Russians, but cleverly, Robika convinces the Russian officer in charge to release him. Eastern Europe is taken over by the Russians, and wanting no part of it, Robika goes to work for the American embassy and becomes a secret spy for them. Aware he’s being followed by Russian secret police, he keeps a secret love affair, though living a luxurious but dangerous lifestyle. Against his will, Robika is drafted into the new Russian Red Army. Four years later, he’s arrested as an enemy spy. He is interrogated, beaten, starved, and imprisoned for a full year. Interrogations continue, worsening with each one. At the final one, he is given a death sentence. On the day of his hanging, he is surprisingly taken away and given amnesty. However, he endures an additional six years as a political prisoner. His inmates consist of politicians in high office as well as Christian monarchs. They all endure torture, starvation, and many of the men die off one by one. The Soviets offer to release Robika, provided he is willing to return to work at the American embassy as a secret spy for the Russians. He accepts their offer and becomes a double agent, only to give his Soviet contact useless information because his heart lies with the Americans. The Hungarian Revolution goes into full force as he hides in the shadows then reports his findings of the Soviet’s plans to the officials at the American embassy. Robika begs the Americans to help him out of the country and away from communist Eastern Europe. They offer him a transfer to the American embassy in Vienna, and he agrees. They also provide him with papers and a US army uniform. Now needing additional help of the Soviets, he devises a plan and talks to his Soviet contact about helping him out of Hungary. They agree, provided he keeps them informed about the American’s doings. Robika’s Soviet contact brings him to the Austrian border in the dark of the night, where he is released on the edge of a field. He walks away, expecting to be shot in the back, but much to his surprise, the car drives away. Once over the border, he thanks God for sparing his life and kisses the ground. End. A sequel for the second part of this story is waiting for publishing as well.