Cancer: It's Not A Death Sentence

ISBN 9780578569970
Publisher Cancer Its Not A Death Sentence
Year 2019
Number of pages 166
Categories Memoir, Biography
By Ross Suozzi
Languages English

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THRIVING WITH CANCER Survival doesn’t have to be a cancer patient’s only goal, and feeling overwhelmed doesn’t have to describe what it’s like to go through treatment. Focusing on one’s purpose and goals can make every day more manageable. In a book that tells the harrowing story of his own diagnosis and treatment alongside his wife’s and his eldest son’s battles with cancer, Ross Suozzi encourages readers to see that a “successful” treatment comes from actively plotting a positive approach to each and every day. Reflecting on his own trials and errors, he offers a step-by-step guide filled with helpful suggestions for cancer patients and those who love and care for them. Suozzi details his family’s discovery that a semi-structured and thoughtful approach to daily living can do wonders when it comes to navigating the confusion, letdowns, and pains that arise during treatment. Conscientious planning can help to lower anxiety, boost overall well-being, and even make room for moments that are full of life’s exuberance. This book tackles personal and family issues that aren’t often raised by medical professionals and shines a light on what matters most: experiences that give life meaning and purpose. Cancer: It's Not a Death Sentence is about reaching for happiness and recovery in the face of sudden life-threatening situations like cancer, and reviews the caregiving, life, and health challenges of survivors and members of Ross Suozzi's family. Where other cancer memoirs often become singular focuses blending personal experience with recovery and medical insights, Suozzi's ability to cover both sides of the cancer coin creates an atmosphere that is as specific about emotional hurdles as it is about treatments, what works and what doesn't, and how to handle not just physical but psychological and social challenges surrounding cancer. This cancer survivor's ability to incorporate all these facets under one cover represents a unique approach to his subject that will educate and enlighten not just fellow sufferers, but caregivers, families, friends, and anyone whose lives have been touched by a cancer diagnosis.James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review