An Arab  Awakening  Tied  to  Arab  Union’S  Formation

An Arab Awakening Tied to Arab Union’S Formation

ISBN 9781426938351
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Year 2010
Number of pages 156
Categories Engineering Sciences
By Ata Hasssan Jr., Dr. Ata M. Hassan Sr.
Languages English

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Proposed Formation of an Arab Union (AU) Modeled on European Union (EU) Awakens and Advances the Arab World Region and population as it did EU By the end of the World War II (1945), drastic changes occurred in world political and economic order. The world nations concept of old style colonialism and super nationalism, which were practiced prior to the war were completely discarded;replaced by a new geopolitical and economic world order. Great emphasis and concern were also directed on how nations can fix the already war damaged pre- and post-war world economy by shifting their effort toward the revival and development of their prewar and postwar techno- economic status. This same R&D-based techno-economic approach was joined by many other already or newly independent nations such as the Pacific Ridge Countries and by the huge lands and massive populations of: Brazil, Russia, India and China. The plan yielded them the recently acquired advanced or merging naion's status. Contrary to these groups, many other nations/regions fail to pursue the same advanced plan; remaining as they were, suffering non-developed status. This chapter deals with the proposal: how to change the status of those from developing to that of advance developed nations/regions status by following and rigidly implementing advanced nations techno-economic plan. The proposal utilizes the establishment of the proposed Arab Union modeled on European Union as an example, illustrating the process; also how the proposed plan - the proposal - was generalized to cover other would-be cases that are determined and have the willing power to make the conversion move from poor, developing to that of rich, advanced status.