The Software Society

The Software Society

ISBN 9781466974128
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Year 2013
Number of pages 276
Categories Engineering Sciences
By William Meisel
Languages English

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Software is driving most technology today, from PCs to mobile phones to thermostats. Software can evolve quickly, and that factor is driving an accelerating pace of change in technology. Software is also becoming more tightly connected to humans through advances in dealing with speech and human language, as well as being always available through mobile devices. As our connection to technology tightens, it drives rapid cultural evolution, in effect changing what it means to be human. Technological change driven by software also impacts our economy in basic ways, as computer technology drives more aspects of production, marketing, services, and sales. Software advances allow technology to do more tasks formerly requiring humans, creating efficienciesproductivity enhancementsthat can grow the economy. On the other hand, the rapid changes are affecting the economy at a pace that is overcoming human abilities to adapt to the job opportunities available and companies ability to adapt to rapid market changes. We are seeing today the impact of that fundamental economic change in persistent unemployment and in stress on some major companies that have historically been solid performers. The Software Society digs into these fundamental trends of softwares impact on our culture and our economy. It explains the trend to use computer intelligence to enhance our human intelligence and discusses its potential and limitations. The book digs into the economic risk caused by automation moving faster than peoples ability to adapt to the change, and suggests solutions to address this danger.