A heart-to-heart conversations with the Tsesarevich Alexei

ISBN 9785005040206
Posiadacze praw autorskich Издательские решения
Regulamin i warunki prawne ООО «ЛитРес»
Kategorie Legendy, mity
Przez Oleg Filatov
Języki Angielski
Wymagania wiekowe 12+

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Recalling Vasily Filatov (under that name lived the Tsesarevich) as a person, his children describe his love for his family, his erudition, and his love of music, art, and literature. In the evenings he liked to read out loud surrounded by his family, and he loved to play music. Vasily Filatov was a family man. He spent a good deal of time with his children, and took great pleasure in teaching them. In his profession as a teacher, Vasily Filatov enjoyed the respect and friendship of all.