Kyiv In Your Pocket

# 56 (March - May) of 2014

Categories Travel
Publisher Neolitas-KIS Ltd.
Languages English

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Arrival & Getting around

Getting to the city, car rentals and transport 6

The Basics

All you’d better know while in Kyiv 8


A short overview of a rich Ukrainian history 11

Orthodox Easter

Ukrainian taditions 12

Culture & Events

Classical music, concerts and exhibitions schedules 14

Where to stay

Kviv accommodation options 18

Quick Picks

Kyiv on one page 27


The selection of the best restaurants in the city 28


Our choice from dozens of cafes 38

Drink & Party

City’s best bars, pubs & clubs 39

What to see

Essential sights, museums, and famous churches 42

Parks & Gardens

The best place to expirience the amazing springtime 50


Where to spend some money 52


Medical tourism, lifestyle and business connections 54

Maps & Index

Street register 56

City centre map 57

City map 58

A time machine at Pyrohovo open-air museum Country map 59

Other issues