Selected Works of Xiao Hong

Selected Works of Xiao Hong

ISBN 9781629780856
Publisher Zhejiang Publishing United Group Digital Medi
Year 2009
Number of pages 365
Categories Juvenile Fiction
By Hong Xiao
Languages Chinese

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"World Youth Literary Classics: Selected Works of Xiao Hong" content introduction: Xiao Hong enrolled in Harbin first Girls Middle School in 1927, and during school years, she likes art best. In 1930, she left home for being against the feudal family arranged marriage. In 1935 she published her masterpiece "The Field of Life and Death" in the name of "Xiao Hong" for the first time, which stirred the literary world at that time. In 1936, she went to Japan. She wrote the essay "Lonely Life" in Tokyo and the series poems "sand", etc. The next year, "The July 7th" Incident broke out, marking outbreak of anti-Japan war. Xiao Hong cared a lot about her motherland and returned to the motherland immediately. She threw himself into the anti-war literary career. In 1938, invited by Lee Gongpu, the leader of China Democracy Alliance, she left Wuhan for Linfen and taught at National Revolution University. She also attended Northwestern field service activities and propagandized anti-Japanese and national salvation. In Xi'an, Xiao Hong declined the invitation to Yan'an for a fiery life sent by her friends including Ding Ling, and chose another way of creation and life, which is more independent and lonely. After Experiencing the homeless and unstable life from Hubei Province to Sichuan, Xiao Hong arrived in Hong Kong in 1940, and soon published a novel "Ma Bole" and "The Biography of Hulanhe". At the end of that year, the Pacific War broke out and the Japanese army occupied Hong Kong and Kowloon. Xiaohong was already seriously ill then and was trapped in Kowloon. She was unable to get timely and effective treatment because of the war and died in January of the following year, at the age of 3l years old. Xiao Hong's life is very rough and plaintive. It was the frustrations of life as well as war and other disasters that prematurely devitalized her life. She was also unwilling to die, sighing that "leave another half of 'Red House ' to someone else ......" The regret and sentiment left by this talented lady are really distraught. Xiao Hong's literary creation began in 1932 and it was only a short nine years period before her death, during which she wrote three novels , "The Field of Life and Death", "Ma Bole", "Biography of Hulan River", three collections of short stories and essays which are "Trek", "Bridge" and "On the Bullock Cart". There are other works as "Commercial Street", "Xiao Hong Prose ", "Recalls Mr. Lu Xun"and another three essays album, as well as some scattered works that were issued in the newspapers.