My Prince

My Prince

ISBN 9781629781945
Publisher Zhejiang Publishing United Group Digital Medi
Year 2014
Number of pages 178
Categories Fairy Tales, Folklore, Fables, Love & Romance
By Xiaoqiu Ling
Languages Chinese

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The nervous, old-fashioned looking Yin Xueer has been the poor without notice of De Mei high school. If to say what is worthy of our attention that is nothing more than her bad grade as well as her illustrious family background. But suddenly one day, she really became the focus of attention of everyone on campus, which benefited from a drop from the clouds and the water pulled her into a doomed eternally "fire and water prince" of war. One side was the hot arrogant campus star Pei Han, the other side was the refined and cultured outstanding students Jiang Zaiyu, and in the middle of the ugly duckling suddenly turned into a white swan. Although the gentle student pressed hard upon step by step, repeatedly expressed, the hot star did surface exclusion, actually secretly loved, but Yin Xueer's heart was always unable to open because of inferiority and restless.