Jianjian's Wish尖尖的心願

ISBN 9781912381029
Publisher Ming Yi Chinese Publication Limited
Year 2017
Number of pages 36
Categories Children’s Fiction
By Yuet-wan Lo
Edited by Qi Wang, Danielle Taylor-Burr
Languages Chinese

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“A grey mouse called Jianjian was playing in the hills when he saw a rainbow bridge. He wished to go there but he could not fly. A strong gust of wind brought an injured white crane into the meadow, whom Jianjian helped to recover. To return his kindness, White Crane took him to the rainbow bridge. Jianjian discovered that there were many different kinds of fruits and vegetables inside the rainbow bridge and he loved eating them very much. He felt very excited! Unfortunately, soon after they had come back to the meadow, White Crane had to leave Jianjian. Jianjian felt very sad but wished that White Crane would come back again someday to see him.” This book is written in Traditional Chinese with English Translation. There are also two revision activities to help children recap on the story and for them to have some fun."灰老鼠尖尖爬到山坡的棉花樹上玩。 他看到天上有一座彩虹橋﹐便很想到那裏去﹐可是他不能飛。草原上突然吹來一陣狂風﹐一隻受傷了的白鶴給吹落到草原上﹐尖尖幫助她復原﹐白鶴報答他的恩情﹐便帶他到彩虹橋去﹐尖尖感到十分興奮,他發現在彩虹橋裏裝滿了很多不同的水果和蔬菜﹐他很喜愛它們的味道。 可惜﹐當他們回到草原後﹐白鶴便要離開。尖尖雖感難過﹐但卻希望白鶴日後會回來見他。" 本書以繁體中文書寫﹐並印有英文翻譯,亦附有兩個動腦筋活動,讓兒童重溫故事,並且增加他們閱讀這書的趣味性。