The Promise of Love

The Promise of Love

ISBN 9783982043906
Publisher N. ROSE VERLAG
Year 2018
Number of pages 98
Categories Fiction
By Nicole Rose
Languages Chinese

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A parable about the search of the soul, the quirks of destiny, the power of love, and the thinline between truth and madness, love and hate, and good and evil.Who doesn't know this yearning … for love, adventure & astral bodies, for charm, chutzpah& champagne, eroticism, exoticism & extravaganza, love, lust & luxury, music, magic & millions, roses, romance & rock'n'roll, sense, soul & sauvignon blanc – a home for your heart?Nikki Rose, the capricious heroine in high heels with a restless soul, makes her way throughthe world of luxury and fashion. She is without a home ever since death claimed her beloved.In a fateful moment, she falls head over high heels in love with a manic and musical magician.She follows him on the highway of love all the way from cloud nine to hell.Be careful, if your dreams come true.Nothing will remain the same!