Listen, Doctor Brawn!

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Source of rights ООО «Издательские Технологии»
Categories Contemporary Romance
By Эльнара Декстер
Languages English
Age requirements 18+

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Literary agent (and inveterate singleton) Catherine Gainsborough had no plans to change her way of life. Until, that is, she met her former classmate Melanie at a literary conference.Melanie, beaming with happiness, tells Catherine that she uses the services of an exclusive agency, which provides its clients with a partner to satisfy their every desire. At first, Catherine is outraged by the idea. Finally, however, curiosity prevails, and she accepts her friend's offer of membership in this mysterious organization.© Эльнара Декстер, 2021© & ℗ Студия «Интеракт», 2021© Дизайнер обложки: Виктория Дашкевич, 2021© ООО «Издательство АСТ», «Аудиокнига», 2021