PBSync is a synchronization service that synchronizes your content (books, periodicals, etc.) between Bookland and your device. By default PBSync will sync most of your items right during the purchase (it refers to purchases that were made ​​after successful configuration of PBSync). You can also manually synchronize your content from the Items page.

To configure PBSync follow these steps:
  1. Sign Up for Bookland (or Sign In if you already have an account).
  2. Enter your Bookland account info to PBSync settings on your device (Settings → PBSync Settings).
  3. Associate your device with your account by adding a serial number on the site. After that you will receive registration code to the device.
  4. Enter registration code from Bookland to your device Settings → Registration to attach your device to your account.
  • Note: For a successful configuration be sure that time and date are set correctly on your device.

To use PBSync follow these steps:
  1. Sign In Bookland.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device and establish an Internet connection.
  3. Purchased items will be automatically sent to your device. You can disable the automatic synchronization by removing the checkmark in the Auto sync checkbox at Devices page. All purchased content you can find at your Items page will be available for manual synchronization with your device via PBSync — to do this, click on “Sync to…” button near the book.
  4. Synchronization of purchased items will start automatically right after the establishment of Wi-Fi connection at device. If you disable automatic synchronization, click the Refresh button at PBSync widget (if Wi-Fi connection was not enabled, the device will automatically turn it on or it will prompt you to connect, depends on PBSync settings). You will see a list of items prepared for sync to the device. In the absence of content you will see the message that there are no items in the queue.
  5. All synced to device items can be found by clicking All downloads on the PBSync widget or here: Library → Downloads.

PBSync settings:

Show status — allows you to enable or disable synchronization. If you select on Schedule, you can specify the period of synchronization starting and stopping.

Login and Password — here you should enter your login (email) and password from Bookland.

Establishing connection — allows you to configure Internet connection (automatically or manually).

Downloading over Wi-Fi — allows you to download purchased content from Bookland automatically or on demand.

Turning on 3G (is not available in all models) — allows you to configure the connection to the Internet using 3G.